Bayside Adventure Sports: Basic Wilderness Survival Course
Bayside Adventure Sports

Aug 22 - 24, 2014 6:00 - 9:00pm Bayside Church B-120 109

You’ve seen the stories on TV – a family gets stranded off-roading in the winter… a runner takes a wrong turn and ends up lost for three days… some crazy guy goes out into the woods with nothing more than a his clothes, a knife and a camera crew….  Well, now’s your chance for the real deal!  Join the BAS Outdoor School for an in-depth look at Wilderness Survival.  Whether you’re a hard-core outdoor junkie, or just someone who loves to take their family outdoors, this multi-day course will cover all the basic skills you need as well as the background and theory necessary for you to make it out alive!  We will provide two classroom sessions covering skills and theory, followed by a weekend-long outdoor survival laboratory.


August 11, 6pm – Classroom Part 1 (3 hours): Survival Theory
August 18, 6pm – Classroom Part 2 (3 hours): Survival Skills
August 22-24 – Outdoor Survival Lab (Friday evening through Sunday afternoon)
***Classroom 1 and 2 are both prerequisites for the Outdoor Lab***

Bayside Church B-120

Bayside Church