Bayside Chaplain Training
Care Ministry

Apr 11 - May 30, 2015 8:30am - 5:00pm Student Center - Studio 440 60

Bayside Chaplain Trauma Response and Care Training
Presented by Law Enforcement Chaplaincy- Sacramento

Interested in personal growth and or becoming a Bayside Chaplain?

This 24 hour training course will equip you to be able to respond to the various crisis calls, prayer connection requests, grief care and other service requests. Faith leaders will react systematically toward better serving Bayside’s congregation, and the surrounding area in cooperation with law enforcement and fire services agencies.

Course Schedule
Saturdays from 8:30-5pm
TRAC #1 – March 7 / TRAC #2 – April 11 / TRAC #3 – May 30

Cost $60 – pay at the door – covers speaker, materials and lunch

For questions and to register, contact Debbie Harrell: (916) 746 8660