Bayside Weekenders For Women In Grief
Care Ministry

Apr 30, 2016 11:30am Bayside Church | At the Crosses TBD

Welcome to “Weekenders” ~ If you have lost a loved one, you know weekends can seem extremely long and so very lonely. Deb Kirkpatrick experienced that feeling in the months and years after her husband’s death. She is now eager to help others fill in those lonely weekends with healthy fun.

Every month an event is planned for time with friends. Each month is different and includes interesting local attractions ~ a museum, a concert, the hottest new restaurant – you name it! Women looking for a little companionship and a bit of fun on the weekends are invited to share in these monthly events. The cost of each outing will depend on the activity chosen by the group. To sign up for an event or for more information please contact Deb Kirkpatrick at (530) 888-6912.

Here’s the info. for April 2016:

SATURDAY, APRIL 30th – “Local Roots Food Tour, Sacramento, CA.”

Come explore some of Sacramento’s best restaurants and specialty food stores, savoring locally sourced ingredients and dishes from up to 8 local establishments. We will be interacting with the chefs and owners as well as exploring historic and beautiful neighborhoods.