Deep Happiness: The 8 Secrets

Feb 25, 2016 7:00 - 8:30pm Worship Center Free

Bayside Singles Ministry Presents
Deep Happiness: The 8 Secrets
with Dr. Gil Stieglitz
Thursdays in February | 7:00pm
Granite Bay Campus | Worship Center
Single Adults of All Ages are Welcome!

This will be a month of learning life-changing principles. Join single adults for an opportunity to learn transformative truths about happiness while making great friendships.

Dr. Gil Stieglitz wrote the book Deep Happiness: The 8 Secrets when he was a single adult and we know his message and book will bless you. There is no charge for this series and we will have Dr. Gil’s books for sale.

Deep Happiness: The 8 Secrets
Many still think that the key to happiness is money, power, popularity and/or pleasure. But true long lasting happiness is from the inside out. God wants our best even though we often settle for less, so He enrolls us in classes to develop these missing ingredients. We can either cooperate with Him or fight what He is trying to teach us. It is important to realize which class God has enrolled us in because these classes have quizzes, tests and finals. If you do not pass the exams then you stay in the same course. Some people have been enrolled in anger management class for thirty years and still haven’t passed the final. God knows that your ultimate joy and happiness will be in the development of the eight qualities that will discuss so He constantly gives you opportunities to work on these qualities. It is amazing to see the difference in the lives of people who begin cooperating with God on these qualities rather than fighting Him.

Thrive Kids is provided for 2 yrs – 6th grade.
Infant care available upon request.

There is no need to register, just show up.

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