Parenting Perspectives

Mar 1, 2017 7:00 - 8:15pm B-120 Free

Parents, are you dropping off your student at Unleashed on Wednesday nights at Bayside?  You are invited to stay on campus and join us for Parenting Perspectives. Stay for a chance to make new friends and discuss a variety of topics together while learning from Annette Spangler, Bayside’s own Parenting Ministry Director.

Wednesday, January 25 | This week special guest, CJ Alvarado, technology expert, and parent will share the latest parental controls for kids devices, and hear about new technology like the Disney Circle.  Participants will also hear from couples raising teens, who will share what parental controls they utilize, and how they limit their teen’s access to devices.

Class runs weekly on Wednesday evenings, January 18 – March 1.

Titles include
Helping Your Child Connect with God
Words Matter
Adventures with Kids
Emotional Intelligence
Keeping Up with Kids and Technology
Tasks, Problems, and Conflict
Understanding Teenage Brains