Sr. High Summer Daze 2014
High School

Jul 27 - Aug 1, 2014 All Day Student Center - Studio 440 See Details

What better way to spend your time this summer than on a ROAD TRIP.
Students will arrive at Bayside Church on Sunday night, wake up the next morning and get on buses to unknown destinations. Each day will bring a new location with new adventures unfolding.

Imagine spending a week of your summer with hundreds of your friends on an adventure all over the state of California. This is like no other summer experience.

Experience an unbelievable week of connecting with friends, amazing nightly services, and small group times that are going to help you grow in your faith and prepare you for the year to come.

If you want an UNORDINARY SUMMER, sign up for Summer Daze – Getaway 2014
July 27 – August 1

Registation opens April 21

Early Registration = $299 (April 21-27)
Regular Registration = $339 (April 28-June 15)
Late Registration = $369 (June 16-July 15)

Bus Assignments:
We are so excited you are joining us for Summer Daze. We have taken all your bus requests and friend requests and assigned you to the best bus for you. There is no changing buses, but want to remind you that this is only your assignment for travel times. The rest of the time you will be able to hang out with any friends you choose. You can look up your bus by name and look who is on your bus by the bus listings below. Your bus color will be your spirit color for the week!

Bus 1 = Red, Bus 2 = Green, Bus 3 = Blue, Bus 4 = Black, Bus 5 = Yellow, Bus 6 = Purple, Bus 7 = Orange

Dates and Check in:
Our trip is Sunday, July 27th –Friday, Aug 1st.
Check in will be Sunday at 6PM in room B-121 on main campus and pick up will be Friday at 7AM on main campus. Please make sure they eat dinner before checking in for camp.
Do not pack medication in your luggage. You will be required to check in all medication (including over the counter meds) at check in.

Packing List & IMPORTANT INFO:
The packing list can be downloaded below, so be sure you check it out. ***Some important notes***: Meds must be checked in to adults when you arrive for check in, your sleeping gear must all fit in one bag for easy travel, and you need money to pay for two meals on your own (we recommend $30-$40 and some extra spending money if desired).

If you would like to sign up for Summer Daze, please email Nicole Cimino at