Summer Splash Classes

Aug 5 - 19, 2015 7:00 - 8:30pm Worship Center Free

Splash into summer and join us for this year’s Summer Splash classes July 22, July 29, August 5! Each week starting at 7pm come deepen your connection to God and meet some new friends. We’re offering a variety of stand-alone and 3-part classes to accommodate every summer schedule.

Thrive Kids is available for ages 8 weeks–4th grade by reservation only.

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See track titles and schedule below:

Track #1: Outrageous Commitment (3 part series) – Worship Center
Dr. Elmore presents before thousands of people each year and has been featured by Maya Angelou, Oprah Winfrey, Steve Harvey, and others. Attend this worthwhile class with your spouse and see your marriage become “indestructible”.

• July 22 | Outrageous Commitment Part 1 | Dr. Ronn Elmore
• July 29 | Outrageous Commitment Part 2 | Dr. Ronn Elmore
• August 5 | Outrageous Commitment Part 3 | Dr. Ronn Elmore

Track #2: Relationships – 3 Keys to Thriving Relationships for Singles (3 part series)  – Building B Room 121
Millions of dollars are spent marketing to single adults to influence their behavior and choices when it comes to relationships. Prepare yourself for successful friendship and romance by applying scriptural wisdom to the real world of today’s single Christian.

• July 22 | Key #1 Friendship | Dan Houk
• July 29 | Key #2 Conflict | Rosendo Lara
• August 5 | Key #3 Romance | Dan Houk

Track #3: The Real You – Building B Room 222

• July 22 | Mapping out your life experiences | Mariann Eitzman
God has a plan for you— do you want to see it mapped out so far? You’ll go through a mapping process to reveal God’s hand in your life experiences, gain a new appreciation for them, and come away with a fresh perspective for what the future holds!

• July 29 | DISC Personal Assessment Part 1 | Glenn Belden
Part 1 we will learn about the assessment and how to take it. The DISC assessment will help you better understand yourself and others. Discover your strengths and weaknesses, and get valuable insight on your relation to the workplace, leadership, management, sales and other situations and environments.

• August 5 | DISC Personal Assessment Part 2 | Glenn Belden & Andrew Statezny
Part 2 we will examine your results. The DISC assessment will help you better understand yourself and others. Discover your strengths and weaknesses, and get valuable insight on your relation to the workplace, leadership, management, sales and other situations and environments.

Track #4: Spiritual Growth & Health – Building B Room 120

• July 22 | Denial – It Isn’t Just a River in Egypt | Jeff Redmond
Denial is an outright refusal to admit or recognize that something has occurred or is currently occurring. You can’t heal a wound by saying it’s not there. Come and learn healthy ways to address and heal your wounds.

• July 29 | Lord Use Me – The Journey of Discovering God’s Calling | Rachel Johnston
God has a purpose and calling for each of us. This breakout will focus on some key aspects of discovering God’s calling, the process He uses, and the steps we can take to discover the thrill of being used by Him for His purposes.

• August 5 | Discovering Your Spiritual Growth Pathway | Mark Godshall
God has designed different spiritual growth pathways that fit each one of us. Come discover how God has uniquely wired you to know Him, and gain fresh and practical insight for reading the Bible, praying and growing spiritually.

Track #5: Dare to Share – Building B Room  220 *CANCELED*

• July 22 | Reasonable Faith – Intro to Apologetics | Dena Davidson & Dave Sidnam
It’s clear many people are convinced Christians have no good reason to believe what they believe, yet nothing could be further from the truth! Come explore Christianity as a rational and intelligent worldview.

• July 29 | You & Your Mormon Friends | Ben Davis & Kelly Holiday
Whether you have a Mormon neighbor, boss or brother-in-law, everyone is invited to attend this engaging class taught by two former Mormons. You’ll learn what Mormons believe and the differences between the Book of Mormon and the Bible.

• August 5 | Will My Child Have Faith? | Annette Spangler
This class is about setting family priorities and learning practices that strengthen the likelihood that your child will leave your home with a lasting faith.

Track #6: Camping 101: The Basic Skills and Knowledge to Get You Started Camping – East Lawn Area (next to play structure)
Three practical outdoor sessions right on the Granite Bay campus where you will have fun learning to pitch tents, build campfires, prepare great camping meals, sleep comfortably, be weather prepared, keep it fun, see God outdoors, and find camping gear at great prices.

• July 22 | Part 1: Planning and Set Up | Greg Weisman & Team
• July 29 | Part 2: Food Marvelous (Easy) Food | Greg Weisman & Team
• August 5 | Part 3: Hiking & Navigation & Making it Fun | Greg Weisman & Team

Track #7: Social Media Today – Building B Room 221

• July 22 | Using Social Media to Live a More Meaningful Life | Ginny Townsend
Sometimes social media gets blamed for lost offline connection with friends, family, ministries and businesses. But this doesn’t mean there aren’t smart and easy ways to use social media that allow you to live a much fuller, meaningful life–on and offline.

• July 29 | Social Media for Business & Ministry | Emily Sidnam
Learn how to create and manage a successful social media presence for your business or ministry. We’ll focus on the choosing the best platforms, using scheduling and analytics tools, finding your “voice” and responding to your audience.

• August 5 | Social Media And Parents With Teens | Karl Romeus
Join our new Sr. High Pastor Karl Romeus as he discusses how our youth today are growing up in a media-rich environment. He’ll review the popular social media outlets our teens use the most and how you can stay up-to-date!

Track #8: The Generosity Adventure – Greenroom (entrance next to the Bayside Cafe)

• July 22 | Legacy Planning for Myself and Aging Parents | Doug Boring*
Do you need to create or update a legacy plan? Are you nearing the time of taking care of the plans of aging parents? Educate and inform your decisions as you consider your plans and how you’ll honor the plans of aging parents.

• July 29 | Raising Children with Generous Hearts | Donna Courville, Scott & Janelle McGuckin*
Quick lessons delivered “TED Talk” style to cultivate a generous life in your children 12 and under. It starts with creating or updating your budget, will/trust, and guardianship. Simple strategies to involve your kids in generosity opportunities will also be given!

• August 5 | Living and Launching Generous Students or Grads | Pamela Christensen*
Quick lessons delivered “TED Talk” style to cultivate a generous life in your Jr. Higher, High Schooler, or College aged student. Develop simple strategies to get your students thinking generously through high school, college and beyond.

*Note: Updated class and speaker information


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