Meet N Greet

Barry Brewer

Originally from Chicago, Barry Brewer is a musician turned stand-up comedian. He got his start playing in The Windy City before moving to LA to pursue an entertainment career. Best known for wowing the judges on America’s Got Talent, Barry also has a list of impressive acting gigs, including Tyler Perry’s “Bruh”.


Zoro the Drummer

Zoro spent decades performing with artists such as Lenny Kravitz, Bobby Brown, Frankie Valli, the Four Seasons, New Edition, Sean Lennon, Lisa Marie Presley, and Earth, Wind & Fire and has been voted number one R&B drummer in the world numerous times.


Sacramento Mandarins Drum Corp

Sacramento Mandarins Drum Corp was founded in 1963 during a time of heightened discrimination (then Ye Wah), to provide Chinese-American youth with a performing arts activity. As the world changed, so did the Mandarins, first opening to members of Asian descent and now to people of all backgrounds. Today, the Mandarins are one of the most diverse organizations, with a mission to “Transform Lives Through Performing Arts”. They’ve won eight Drum Corps International World Championships.