Advent | December 1st-25th

One of the great traditions of the Church is Advent. The Advent celebration marks the beginning of the calendar year for the Church. It begins four Sundays before Christmas. It is a time set aside for a remembrance of the first coming of Christ and the anticipation of His second coming.

Advent has several purposes:

It calls us to slow down. One of the great threats of the Christmas season is that we will race through the season and never truly experience Jesus. Unless we slow down, we will never find true meaning in the season. Probably the greatest tool of our enemy during this season is speed. The busier he can make us, the more he can speed us up, the more likely we are to miss God.

It calls us to remember. The routine of the Advent calendar is intended to remind us of the great truth of Jesus. It calls us to remember the hope found in him, the peace, love and joy which are ours through Christ.

It calls us to simplicity. The holiday season can become very complex. With all the family events, school events, gifts to buy, meals to cook, all while having our normal responsibilities, this can be a complex time. Advent is an invitation toward simplicity. It invites us to remember that which is truly important.

The power of the Advent season is that it is an opportunity to know God. Amid all the noise of the season, He is speaking. The question is—will we listen?

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