Actor, Comedian, Singer, and Songwriter: Barry Brewer is a truly exceptional and captivating entertainer, showcasing his remarkable versatility across various domains of talent.

Best known for his breakout television role as the lead in Tyler Perry’s Bruh, Barry recently wrote, produced, and starred in his stand-up comedy special, Chicago I’m Home, streaming on Amazon Prime, iTunes, Vimeo, and a host of other platforms.

His journey in entertainment began with a life-changing standing ovation at a Chicago church event, which steered him toward comedy. Barry’s debut stand-up special, “Chicago I’m Home,” offers a unique perspective on life, reflecting his upbringing and experiences in modern American society. Beyond comedy, Barry is a gifted singer, songwriter, and music producer, with two studio albums to his name. Notably, Barry Brewer’s dynamic and entertaining presence has left a lasting mark, cementing his status as a true entertainment powerhouse, further solidified by his time on America’s Got Talent (AGT).

This past summer, Brewer produced and hosted a sold-out, nationwide comedy tour derived from the original series, When The Whole Crew Is Stupid, which received over 25 million views on YouTube, Facebook, and Instagram. In addition to his acting and comedy, Brewer is an accomplished musician, songwriter, and music producer.


See Barry December 17-24 at Bayside Granite Bay.