Soccer Field FAQs

Yes, the project will have lights to allow for after school and evening use, valuable in the fall and winter months. (This was one of the items that the Placer County Parks Department suggested we include in the project). The new technology of LED lighting allows for ZERO light pollution or ANY light transfer outside the boundaries of the project. This lighting technology is completely different from, and NOT like the Granite Bay HS football field! A full photometric study was required by the county, and the lighting manufacturer guarantees adherence to the county’s guidelines. The lights will turn off automatically at the time approved by the county.

Additionally, the project has been designed using the “International Dark Skies Association” guidelines. See more details HERE

Bayside is proposing the fields to be available for use Sunday-Thursday until 9pm and Friday-Saturday until 10pm. This is consistent with the county’s noise requirements. This project does not allow Bayside to have any outdoor amplified sound.

No. Bayside Church will not make money on this project. In fact, it will incur a net loss every year. A rental use fee for outside groups (GBFC and others) will be collected, but those fees will only partially offset the ongoing operational and maintenance costs of the facility. This is consistent with how all other fields in the county operate.

The generous members and supporters of Bayside Church Granite Bay have donated the money to provide this facility for Bayside’s and the Community’s use.

Construction began at the end of October 2022 and is expected to be completed by Spring of 2023.

No. We will be hosting no more than two-three games at a time on weekends, much like any local park.

No, there will be no games on Saturday afternoons between 4:30-6:00pm and no games on Sunday mornings until 1:00pm (in accordance with the Granite Bay weekend service times). Soccer games will not be happening during service times.