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Parenting | All Who Are Weary

November 2
9:15am - 11:30am

Hey Moms! Join us this fall to connect, build community, and learn alongside other moms as we navigate this mom life together. Parenting is a group for moms of kids from cradle to college. Each week we talk about the chapter and welcome a Special Guest Speaker.

Children's Ministry Programming is available for children 8-weeks-old through kindergartners with separate registration.

This semester we will be reading All Who Are Weary by Sarah Hauser

"So many of us are exhausted—but not just physically. We’re worn down deep in our souls, bearing a heaviness we can’t seem to shake. We feel like we’re never doing enough. We question every decision, worry incessantly, or burn ourselves out because we refuse to ask for help. We carry so much, and the weight is crushing us.

But what if we didn’t have to feel so soul-weary?

What if, even when life is hard, we didn’t have to feel overloaded by our burdens? What if, even when our tears weigh heavy, our souls could be light?

Jesus invites us into that kind of rest. He invites us to set down our burdens of worthlessness, condemnation, worry, self-sufficiency, insecurity, comparison, perfectionism, insignificance, and despair–and take up the easy yoke and light burden he offers instead.

If you’re feeling tired or discouraged, I wrote All Who Are Weary for you. With personal stories and a deep look at Scripture, this book is meant to help us see that the rest we most desperately need doesn’t depend on our circumstances. It depends on our God.

And he’s here, with open arms, offering deep soul rest to us all." - Sarah Hauser