New Class Starting Soon

We’ve got a new Financial Peace University (FPU) class coming soon, but we’re switching things up a bit! To free up an evening during your week, or enable you to attend a different Big Wednesday class, FPU is going to be happening on Sunday mornings when you were probably going to be here anyways!

Starting on March 3rd, join us from 9:30am - 11am in room B-221 every Sunday morning through May 5th (skipping Easter Sunday). Kids ministry will be available and you could still attend either the 8:15am or 11:30am services. Attend this FREE class and make a huge investment in yourself and your family by learning how to budget, save for an emergency, eliminate debt, invest, and so much more. You’ll watch the lesson videos on your own at home and then join us on Sundays to go through activities, discussions, and have personalized time with our leadership team to strategize how to apply the lessons learned to your unique life.

Signing up for the class is a two-step process, so follow the instructions outlined below.

Step1: Register for Ramsey+

Every FPU student needs a Ramsey+ account. This is how you will watch the lesson videos at home. Register for a FREE year of Ramsey+ below.


Step 2: Sign Up for the Class

Once you've got a Ramsey+ account (and you're signed in), get yourself added to the class roster so we know you're coming!

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There is HOPE

You feel it, don’t you? That turmoil in your stomach as you have to tighten the financial belt once again. The car needs fixing. Your child took you on a field trip to the ER. You’ve got big dreams you can’t afford to chase because debt rules your paycheck. We get it. We’ve all been there, but there is HOPE. Bayside Granite Bay has partnered with Ramsey Solutions, the company built by financial expert Dave Ramsey, to make all of their best money management tools available to you for FREE. That’s right. We know these tools work and want to provide them to you free of charge. They’re all bundled together under a single service called Ramsey+.

Register for Ramsey+

So what does Ramsey+ include?

  • Numerous online courses, including the incredible Financial Peace University, teaching you everything from budgeting and debt elimination, how to train your children in biblical financial handling, how to use wealth to bless God’s kingdom, and more!
  • EveryDollar+, the amazing budgeting app that will help you track your spending and reach your goals.
  • Loads of short videos with quick advice for how to handle everyday money concerns.
  • Group coaching for those times when you’ve got specific questions you want to ask an expert.
  • Streamed live events, documentaries, and audiobooks.
  • Tools and recommendations for making wills, filing taxes, strategizing for investments, and figuring out how much house you can afford.

We’ve run Financial Peace University at Bayside campuses for over a decade and class attendees have saved and paid off MILLIONS of dollars following the program Ramsey+ teaches.

Register for your FREE Ramsey+ membership and start changing your life TODAY!

If you have any questions, email us at

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