Get Connected

At Bayside, we care about people, including you, and we want to make sure that you know about the opportunities to connect and grow. We know it can be a little overwhelming connecting at a large church, so we wanted to provide you will a few options to get you on the right track.

Intro to Bayside

A 7-minute introduction to all things Bayside. This is the first step to understanding this church and a springboard to other connection opportunities.

Next Steps

New to Christianity? Join us to ask questions, share your thoughts and meet others on the same journey.

Bayside Classes

These classes are a cornerstone of growth at Bayside church. This is a great place to grow individually and connect with others.

Join a Small Group

We believe in small groups. With a large church, it is important to be intentional about developing smaller communities to grow.

Visit Small Group page

We see volunteering as a chance for you to be involved in the ministries that make you thrive. With so many ways to serve, it’s easy to find your fit.

Visit Volunteer page