Student Action Leadership Team (S.A.L.T.)

Granite Bay High School (9th - 12th Grade)

Student Action Leadership Team. aka "SALT". exists to contribute to the growth of High School students' faith, to give students the opportunity to lead others, and to make disciples who make disciples.

SALT meets as a team twice per month on every other Sunday. (View Calendar Here)

As a Student Leader, you should expect to grow deeper in your relationship with Jesus, become a disciple who makes disciples, grow closer with other committed followers of Jesus, and become an overall better leader!

SALT costs $30. The $30 goes towards various snacks, games, gifts for speakers, the end of the semester party, end of semester gifts, and more. 100% of the SALT payment is invested directly back into the students involved. Payment is due upon applying online. If you are not approved you will be refunded the $30. 

Reminder: Applications and References are due Wednesday, September 11th.

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SALT Reference Sheet (2 required!)
SALT Team Descriptions

Captains Application*
*After submitting the general SALT application, 9th - 12 grade students can all apply to be a SALT Captain. (View Captain Responsibilities)