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The Love Project

Meet a physical need.
Meet a relational need.
Meet a spiritual need.

Our Vision

Game Time Play | The Love Project will meet the immediate, relational and spiritual needs of local sports teams and coaches. This is done through providing spaces for team bonding, leadership development and character building activities and training.

Lunch Time Play | We want to provide pizza daily and be a safe space to talk on high school campuses. The mission is to meet students on their turf where they feel most comfortable so that we can rally around what drives their conversations: faith, sports, music, relationships, etc.

Life Time Play | It’s all over the news and social media. We know kids are having a hard time as they navigate mental health issues, dangerous behaviors, and even suicide. What is especially surprising is the reality of what is going on in our own community. There are 28 students at Rocklin high school, living in their cars. There are kids at Granite Bay high school that don’t own a change of clothes. There are 15 homeless students at Adelante High School. Students are hurting in so many ways, and this is an opportunity for us to care for them in practical and life-changing ways.

That’s why we believe in the mission to love these kids. We want to support them in having the best high school experience possible. Our hope is that they are supported and cared for so well that they can learn how to love, how to compete, how to build relationships like any other high school student.

What Your Generosity Does

Our Hope

Our hope is that we will be able to impact students across four different campuses by equipping service teams to be the hands and feet of Jesus. Giving will meet student's physical needs, create connections, break down walls of division, and fund a leadership and bonding retreat. Our efforts hope to reduce fighting and violence, raise attendance, increase a sense of community, and give students the chance to hear about Jesus Christ.