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Mastering the Word of God | Book by Book

Season One: The Book of Galatians

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Season One: Galatians

Episode 1: Six Fights Everyone Must Win

Session 1 gives an overview of Galatians and the six fights every Christian should win with Pastor Curt Harlow and Mark Clark (Village Church, Canada), as well as a deeper look at Galatians 1-2:10

Episode 2: Fight One - Paul vs. Peter

Pastor Andrew McCourt and Dena Davidson dive deep into Galatians 2:11​-14 as we seek to understand Fight 1: Paul vs. Peter in the six fights every Christian should win

Episode 3: Fight Two - Law vs. Love

Mark Clark and Curt Harlow dive into Galatians 2 to talk about Fight Two: Law vs. Christ!

Episode 4: Fight Three - Faith vs. Works

Dena Davidson and Andrew McCourt dive into Galatians 3 to talk about Fight Three in the Six Fights Every Christian Should Know: Faith vs. Works!

Episode 5: Fight Four - Law vs. Promise

Jump into Galatians 3 with Pastor Curt Harlow and Mark Clark as they talk about Fight 4: The Law vs. the Promise.

Episode 6: Fight Five - Slaves vs. Sons

Andrew McCourt and Dena Davidson talk about Galatians 3-4, where we learn that we have been accepted into the family of God, by no means of our own - out of the sheer love of God Himself. This is a powerful teaching to help you master God's Word, one book at a time.

Episode 7: Fight Five - Flesh vs. Spirit

We're diving into Galatians 4-5 tonight as we talk about Hagar and Sarah and the fight of flesh vs. spirit! Join us as Pastor Andrew McCourt and Mark Clark pair up to teach this incredible text. Grab your friends, open your Bibles, and let's master God's Word!

Episode 8: Galatians 6

The final episode of Season 1 of The Bible Study wraps up with Pastor Curt Harlow and Dena Davidson talking about the importance of Paul’s final words in his letter to the Galatians.